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An Excursion Around the Great Big Sea

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Meet Great Big Sea
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About the B'ys
From the "tropical island" of Newfoundland, Canada and straight into your heart comes Great Big Sea.  Classified as "Newfie Rock", the band was formed in 1993 by four original members.  Alan Doyle (guitar, vocals, bouzouki), Sean McCann (guitar, bodhran, vocals), Bob Hallett (fiddle, button accordion, tin and low whistles, bouzouki, vocals), and Darrell Power formed a powerhouse that mixes traditional Newfoundland song with a modern beat.  The group plays a unique blend of both original music as well as traditional songs inspired by the spirited and historic culture of Newfoundland.
The band first released "Great Big Sea" in 1993, later re-released by Warner Music.  Their second release "Up" debuted in 1995 and took roughly 1 year to go platinum.  "Play" was released in 1997 and went platinum in 3 months, double platinum in 6.  The fourth release came in 1998, and "Turn" reaced platinum status in a mere 3 weeks.  Great Big Sea's first american album, "Rant and Roar" was released in 1998 as well, a compilation of tracks from the self-titled album along with tunes from "Up" and "Play".  The first live album was released in 1999 and titled "Road Rage".  The release was recorded during the 1999 Canadian tour.  In 2002 the band released their fifth studio album, and "Sea of No Cares" brought the band to an entirely new level.  Their latest release, "Something Beautiful" came on February 24, 2004.  The record took a mere 3 weeks to complete, and consists of entirely original music.  The album has been flying off the shelves in both Canada and the U.S. and in many opinions could be the band's best release to date.  Plans for an entirly traditional album are in the works for later this year.  "Great Big DVD", their first and only DVD was released in late 2003 and is a must own for all Great Big Sea fans.  The DVD consists of an early 2003 Ottawa, ON performance and also contains every GBS video ("Lukey" is not included) as well as a few sing-a-long videos and interviews with the band.
Great Big Sea is first and foremost a live band.  The studio releases are incredible, but to truly appreciate the power of Great Big Sea, one must see them in concert.
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