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An Excursion Around the Great Big Sea

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About Adam

A little bit on myself

2004 Adam M. Fogle

My name is Adam Fogle and I am currently a Sophomore at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia.  I am currently studying the field of Television/Digital Film Production and hope to graduate with a B.S. in Communication.  After college the field is wide open, I may go into Television, may go into Film, or may go into print journalism, we shall see.  Just keep your eyes pealed for me, I may become famous someday!  Either way I will hopefully end up down south, New York is too damn cold and expensive for me!
I became a Great Big Sea fan my senior year of High School, when one of my friends invited me to a show in Rochester.  We went to the show, and as you can obviously tell, I was hooked.  I try to do my best to spend as much free time as possible getting the music of Great Big Sea out there for others to enjoy.  This stuff is just too damn good to keep to myself!  I've been to numerous concerts and like to remind everyone that while the studio songs are awesome, they are infinitely better live, no doubt about that.  In order to truly appreciate GBS, you have to see them in concert!
Well, that's a little bit on myself and why exactly I decided to make this site.  I hope you enjoy the site and all of the other fan sites I have linked in the "links" page.  Keep checking back because I'm always adding new stuff.  Most of all, enjoy the amazing music of Great Big Sea, and pass the word along to anyone you can!

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