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An Excursion Around the Great Big Sea

When I Am King
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When I Am King
Wake up without a care
Your head's not heavy, your conscience's clear
Sins are all forgiven here
Yours and mine
Fear has gone without a trace
It's the perfect time, it's the perfect place
Nothing hurting, nothing sore
No one suffers anymore
The doctors found a simple cure
Just in time
All these things if I were king
Would all appear around me
The world will sing when I am king
The world will sing when I am king
She walks right in, she don't even knock.
It's the girl you lost to the high school jock
She shuts the door and turns the lock, and she takes your hand.
She says she always felt a fool, for picking the Captain over you
She wonders if you miss her, says she always told her sister
That you're the best damn kisser
That she's ever had

Daylight waits to shine until the moment you awaken
So you never miss the dawn
No question now, you know which road you're taking
Lights all green, the radio plays just the perfect song

Well, the war's been won, the fights are fought
You find yourself in just the spot
In a place where everybody's got a song to sing
Just like the final movie scene,
The prince will find his perfect queen
The hero always saves the world
The villains get what they deserve
The boy will always get the girl
When I am King