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An Excursion Around the Great Big Sea

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She left St.John's one day in May
Dressed in her Sunday best
A kind man sat beside her
As she cried her way out West

She moved in with her cousin
Found a job down in the mall
Her friends at home were jealous
Said "We'll see you in the fall."

But, you know that she wants to try,
Never let's you see her cry
You know that she wants to try,
She's got seagulls in her eyes

The people here seem really nice
But the winter's way too long
Her new friends don't understand
They just tell her to be strong

She made some decent money
Yeah, but nothing comes for free
The busy streets, just don't compete
With the sky, the rocks and sea


Her parents came at Eastertime
They wanted her to stay
But she went and got a panel van
And moved home on her birthday

The girls in town all said
She couldn't make it on her own
Now the sky's a little smaller
And it doesn't seem like home

Chorus (2x)

She's got seagulls in her eyes